Card Design

Our first step in printing a plastic card will require a film to be made. These films contain the information

that is to be printed on your cards. Therefore a soft copy artwork is required for us to produce the film.

There are two options for doing this:

Option 1  :  Our Design Service

If you do not have a soft copy artwork for your cards, we will be happy to design them for you.

We charge a minimum design fee for our service. Please check with us for the design fees.

Option 2  :  Ready Design Provided

Please do your ready artwork in Illustrator or PDF format and all text outlined. If you do not have

Illustrator or PDF, we will convert your Photoshop files but you need to include all fonts and also

make sure all your text is editable.

Artwork Details

> A standard card size is 86mm x 54mm. Please include a bleed of 2mm on each sides of your actual artwork. After adding bleed, the soft copy design sent to us shall be 88mm x 56mm. The ‘safe design area’ where artwork is guaranteed not to have any problems is 79.5mm x 48mm.


> Fonts: In most cases, we will not make changes to your design file and will print according to what customer provides. For AI file, please convert the whole file to outlines. If sending in PSD file, please include the font.


> Images: Please be sure to include all of your placed or imported images when you send your artwork.

Additional Notes

> To include any card features, please notify us when sending your artwork.

> Embossing can only be in gold or silver color. Embossing needs to be running number and with a minimum order of 1000pcs and above.

> Die cut cards is unable to do embossing.

>Matte finished and frosted finished cards can only print with inkjet number and embossed barcode. For this 2 types of finishing, flat number cannot be printed.

> Our standard thickness for plastic cards is 0.76mm. if you require thicker cards, please notify us.

> The width of a magnetic stripe is 12mm, and is 4.5mm lowered from the top edge of a card.

> The size of each letter for small embossing number is 3mm, big embossing number is 4mm.