About Us



RiseGroupe Sdn Bhd was established in 1982 as one of the pioneers in the plastic cards printing industry, specializing in the Hotels industry, Education industry and the Government sector. Over the years, we have produced millions of customer-satisfied plastic cards and still are growing our portfolio year after year. We are now among the top plastic card producers in the country to serve clients from all over Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.


After more than 30 years in the plastic card industry, we have finally taken our business to a new level. We took the courage to set up a factory in China in 2013 to expand production. Our decision to expand our production to China is mainly due to the lower cost of raw materials and labour, which results in RiseGroupe transferring the benefit to our clients. As such, RiseGroupe is able to produce more quantity at a lower cost. At the end of the day, all that RiseGroupe wants is to supply quality plastic cards to clients all over the world at a low price.


At this present moment, we have expanded to other products as well. We now major in all kinds of printing such as offset printing, digital printing, corporate merchandise and our latest edition to our business is the RFID technology. In today’s world, RFID is used significantly in all industries and RiseGroupe decides to be a part of it.


We have a full range of RFID products that caters to small retailers up to big corporations and factory production lines across all industries. Our success in the international market is due to our products being in accordance to ISO7816 international standard.



Our research & development, technical, design and production are here to help you to achieve the professional results that you expect – our business is enhancing your business.


RiseGroupe believes in giving the best in quality of products and services. In line with this commitment, RiseGroupe’s philosophy is to constantly upgrade machineries to produce high-end printings by utilising our computerised system network to meet client’s stringent demand and constantly engaging new talents to expand and boost our plastic card department as well as marketing department to offer an end to end solution for our clients.


Our company has all along invested into technology and machineries to ensure we are up to date and optimize production. Our R&D and technical professionals are constantly updated with knowledge and skills to ensure better quality of work and reduction in production time. Currently, we are able to produce 1 Million pieces of plastic cards per month.


Over in our Headquarters in Malaysia, our Design, Marketing and Customer Service team takes care of client’s needs and ensuring our clients receive the best up-to-date solutions. We aim to be the best at what we do while providing the best solutions and care to our clients.


Our Priorities

1)      Ensuring clients the best quality products and services

2)      A unique production system to ensure on time deliveries

3)      Highly motivated and well trained personnel

4)      Up to date technology to meet the demands of our present and future clients